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Breeder Farm
Capacity 28,000 [Capacity 28,000 Breeder Birds]
Location- Nizampur, Mangaon.

At our broiler breeder farm in Nizampur, Mangaon, the parent stock produces good quality of fertilised hatching eggs with high bio-security. We care about the well-being of our chickens by providing treated water, food [feed? Keep the same terminology as above] and regulating the temperature to provide a comfortable and healthy environment.

This breeder farm has all the necessary facilities: pantry, medical provisions, staff quarters, cold storage, water purification and environmentally controlled laying houses.

A hatchery is a facility where Eggs are hatched under fine conditions with high a high level of bio-security.

We have a huge capacity of 5, 80,000 hatching eggs per week.Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku poultry farm introduced the customised setting facility (CFS) for our farmers. For example, if the farmer does not have enough money to raise the hatching eggs, using CFS, the farmer can give Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku poultry farm the eggs, where they will undergo the hatching process, the resulting day-old-chicks (DOCs) and fully grown birds will then be returned to the farmers.

Hatching eggs are kept in a settler machine for 18 days where the eggs are taken care. From here they are transferred to the hatchery machine and stayed there for three days. We have atomised machines through which we can monitor the temperature and humidity to prevent any harm to the hatching eggs embryos. Eggs laid by the parent bird are collected, graded & stored in the farm cold rooms.

Selected hatching eggs are transferred to the Hatchery for setting. These selected hatching eggs are set in setter machine and after 18 days the hatching eggs from the setter machines are then transferred to Hatcher machines for hatching for 3 days. These are atomized machineries where we keep an hourly track of temperature and humidity. Once the chicks hatch, these day old baby chicks are vaccinated to protect them against diseases.

Location – Mapgaon

Live stock farming is highly dependent on the feed conditions in and out of the farm. The feed mill is the most critical stage of producing the broiler bird. We spend around 60% -70% of the total cost for the purchase of the feed. It requires particular attention as it is a major factor for the livelihood in the livestock farming.

Our feed mill manufactures healthy and high-quality poultry feed for our broiler birds which is comprised of maize, soya, vegetable oils, in the pellet. The result is high-quality feed manufactured, and biosecurity measures are in place.

Contract Broiler Farming
Number of Contract Broiler Farmers – 300
Locations- Alibaug ( Raigad), Pali (Raigad), Shahapur (Thane), Alephata (Pune), Saaswad (Pune), Talegaon (Pune).

Contract broiler farming based on working with a farmer, who we appoint and becomes part of the Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku poultry farm family. We contract out work, where the farmers oversee the management of their chickens which includes nurturing them, feeding them, keeping them healthy and looking after their well-being. Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku poultry farm provides the chicks, feed medicine, training and guidance to help the farmers.

The main advantage of this contract broiler farming gives farmers a platform to earn additional income and to aid the development of rural areas.Farming of livestock involves the management of a complex range of factors, each of which has natural variation. These include genetic potential, breed, environment, water, quality of farm staff, disease and nutrition. Managing each factor effectively is best achieved by a team of people who support the farmer in his enterprise. This team should include a veterinarian, a breeding supplier, a financial advisor and a nutritionist.

We can help you take control of your nutrition, by reducing the variation, maintaining the nutritional value of the raw materials and enhancing your feed performance through the use of specialty additives. Consequently, your time and skills can be devoted to managing all the other factors required to ensure that your livestock produces to their potential.

Chicken Processing Plant
"We process our own Broilers."

In general, a chicken processing plant is significant in poultry farming. Indeed, our chicken processing plant is key to supporting the revenue of Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku. To provide our consumers with the highest-quality product, Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku Poultry Farm operates Halal methods and is a certified Halal meat producer by authority.

Our chickens are cut, cleaned, processed, then packed on-site, using good quality and safe packaging. We store our on-site chickens in chillers that maintain temperatures 0°C to 4°C before supplying them to retailers as per their requirements.

Retail Outlet

After processing, the freshly chilled chickens and live birds are sold at directly to retailers. The product is supplied directly to the retailer, with no intermediary, wholesaler, broker or distributor involved. We provide the same products to retailers all over Alibaug and the surrounding areas at present. Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku has its retail shop in Alibaug. The retail outlet gives our customers fresh products at the lowest prices.